Standard Photo Service

Even though 25 images are standard on real estate sites, I tend to shoot more and shoot what I feel is needed on the back end, the extra images, the rich details that you may want to personally show your clients and potential buyers ( fixtures, moldings custom work and quality ).

With my background in architecture and interior design I flow with the property to capture each room from the best angles  and in most cases shooting multiple angles of each room.

All images are uploaded to your own viewing and download page to use for your real estate work as well as share with your clients.

High-Dynamic Range

HDR is a post-processing task of taking a  series of images ( 3 to 9 ranging from bright, medium to dark ), combining them and adjusting them all to turn out to be one great photo.  In real estate photography this allows for better exposures for rooms with lots of shadows or exposing to show what is outside a bright window instead of just a bright white glare coming through. This process bright out details in the shadows and also highlight others areas of the image. 

This is best used in rooms with bright outside light coming through into the space.

Off Camera Flash

Is used to fill in and balance out in a room, in my case I like to bounce and defuse my light to more evenly fill in the and illuminated the room or sometime just certain sections of the room. This may be done buy using one or more flashes as well as on or several exposures. Even when I room seems to be filled with great natural like a touch of flash done right just brings a little or polish to the image.

Natural Light

This can be done to convey a great feel and mood to a space when possible, I usually find myself doing this when shooting more for a publication or journalistic style

No matter what the situation, I  have the tools and know how to shoot the proper  technics consistently to get illuminate any space.

Real Estate Videos

A professional video can raise the perceived value of your property, and help it sell faster. With our unique walkthrough video tours, potential clients can experience the flow and energy of property first hand, something photography alone just can’t do.

Aerial photography & video

Aerial photography and video offers views of buildings and landscapes that simply cannot be captured from the ground. Aerial views are especially useful in showing overall views of homes to large buildings or properties or land that is open to development, as well as the surrounding landscape, roads, and other buildings and features. Pictures can attract potential buyers to a property, but ground-level shots often cannot do a home or commercial building justice. Images taken from the ground cannot convey the size of a majestic home or the scenery on a large piece of property. A bird’s eye view can allow prospective buyers to appreciate the size and scope of a building and the surrounding landscape, which will draw their interest and encourage them to view the property in person. 

Digital Edits

All images are gone over to look their best.

In real estate it is good practice to show what is truly there, because after all that is what the clients are going to see. But occasionally there may be things that can edited in photos such as, the sky, unhealthy lawn, loose wires can be cleaned up etc.... 

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