Photos & Video Tour Promo! $199

Contact - Todd Fleming - 585 773 3317


Same great service & fast turnaround time! 48 hours or less!

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Includes unlimited  still photos & video walk through , capturing all rooms including basement and utilities.

Additional cost may include:

Aerial footage + $50

Properties over 3000 sq ft + $25

Travel cost outside of 20 miles + $25

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Property Cleaned

The property must be vacated! The property should be cleaned accordingly especially with current covid-19 situation, I also stick to a  strict rule of not unnecessarily handling objects in your home as well as using proper face mask protection.

Property Readiness

The property should be ready and set for shooting, try not to schedule cleaning maintenance, lawn care etc the same day. Shoots are an allotted amount of time and several may be scheduled a day. My job is to visually present your property in the best possible. Focus is key for me to flow through the home uninterrupted and without delay. Rather than start late which may interfere with other scheduled property shoots your shoot may be rescheduled and fees may apply.

Decluttered homes show best!

Not only does a decluttered home photograph best but home staging is one of the most powerful ways to make buyers want to buy your home. It can be as simple as decluttering and repainting. Or it can require a clean sweep that involves storing belongings off-site; redecorating, and even renting furniture and art to make your place show well.

ESD Empire State Development  

Greg Parker at Empire State Development 585 399 7050

Section 14. Professional services with extensive restrictions

Real estate services shall be conducted remotely for all transactions, including but not limited to title searches, appraisals, permitting, inspections, and the recordation, legal, financial and other services necessary to complete a transfer of real property; provided, however, that any services and parts therein may be conducted in-person only to the extent legally necessary and in accordance with appropriate social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting protocols; and nothing within this provision should be construed to allow brokerage and branch offices to remain open to the general public (i.e. not clients).

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