Professional photos vs realtor photos

Professional Real Estate photos make a difference on even the most basic of homes.

Once again I received a call from another home owner not pleased with their realtors photos. This unfortunately happens a lot and I hear how disappointed home owners are but never tell the realtor.

I think even when it is a sellers market, better images get better results in getting people to the door to seriously consider a home and when that happens then let the bidding begin, the more interest the better for the home owner as well as the realtor. 

Below is a great example of a basic home, in which the home owners called me in regards to the realtors photos, and lack of. Even the most basic of homes like this priced at $139k are deserving of a quality photo documentation. It has a large wonderful yard and a sizable kitchen among other qualities that just were not featured in the realtors photos, not to mention they only listed 13 images total. 

I went through the house shooting several angels of each room
( they may not all be used but at least they have the variety and option to choose ). And just to prove a point I used the most basic use of lighting and did nothing fancy just to show the extreme difference.  With minimal effort by a professional, using the correct lens capturing even the smallest of half baths and making pink bathrooms as appealing as possible . i also do editing and color correction after the photos were taken. 

So first take a look at the realtors photos and then the professional images below. You be the judge. is the $150 cost warranted? Keep in mind that cost also includes a webpage with slide show, home  and contact information as well as a gallery for home owner and image download for realtor and RMLS use.

The Realtors Photos


My Photos

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